Glory Ministerial Association International is a vehicle God is using in the earth to bring ministers and ministries to their fullest potential in Him. Our goal is to maximize the vision of each ministry as we grow in covenant with one another. GMAI is growing daily and we are branching out to the ends of the earth.

GMAI is knit together by a series of tele-conference calls. GMAI holds a monthly Impartation conference call so that Dr. Loyd can address and impart into the membership on a monthly basis.

GMAI facilitates the duplication of Dr. Loyd’s ministerial characteristics into other like-spirited ministers in terms of wisdom, anointing, and wealth. Ministers can connect by covenant in which he is a spiritual father. This two-way relationship of giving and receiving establishes Apostolic Government, provides oversight, and assures the progress and success of the individual minister, ministry and GMAI as whole.
Membership Requirements

The requirements for membership into GMAI are listed below:

– Must be called into one of the five fold ministry gifts (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist).
– Must lead a life of Holiness.
– While you do not have to have an ordination and license, it will help in your application process.